Kathryn is a total professional, and produced the best business portrait of my career. Her attention to detail and care that I was happy with the result were shining factors. Kathryn helped me select the right outfit that would photograph well, ensured my hair and make-up were correct, and all the while cheerfully explained every move we were making to get that perfect shot. The final product had depth, and conveyed my personality beautifully. The feedback I've received has been overwhelmingly positive. Highly recommend. - Tracy Shea-Porter, CEO and Co-Founder, Yes Unlimited

Hi Kathryn, I've finally updated my LinkedIn profile with the fabulous photo that you took for me. I just wanted to say thank-you again for taking my photo and making the photo session fun and enjoyable. I rarely get professional photos done and I did not know what to expect, but you made me feel at ease and comfortable. You also gave me a photo that I really like. I'm proud of this photo. I'm proud to use it to represent me and who I am at this juncture of my career. You've given me an opportunity to sort of restart myself--because this really is ME, right now! I'm a mom... I have two young kids... trying to build a new home in a new province... and starting up my own little freelance business working-from-home... I am all of that, I can do it all, with a smile, and a little flicker of wind in my hair! :D My photo represents all of that. And YOU gave that to me. Thank-you! - Gloria Ma, Freelance Marketing Communications Specialist

I have had many professional portraits done over my several decades in corporate life. This is my third portrait with Kathryn. Clearly I am one happy repeat client!

Kathryn captures my true image and makes me look good to boot. I have had very unhappy experiences with other photographers that expect my final image to fit a certain style, so they have gone so far as to photoshop my curly hair to an unbelievably smooth cap. On the other hand, Kathryn’s dedication to bringing out the best in her subjects shows in her excellent work. She makes the shoot feel relaxing, energizing and fun. A good indicator that our shoot is successful, is the tough decisions we had to make to get the long list of favourites down to one or two of the best. Kathryn’s magic is a combination of her engaging style, technical prowess and her artistic eye for human expression.

Kathryn provides excellence in value, the experience and the final visual products. - Debbie Dimoff, Managing Partner, Growing Legends

Thank-you for making it painless, for making it reasonably fun, yes really, and for making it a great start to my day. You are terrific at what you do. You are kind and real and talented and fun. Thank-you.

Thanks for the photos. You made the experience very comfortable. It’s clearly evident you are fully engaged and love your work. Well done.

Thank-you sooooo much for your wonderful work! We just love it! We, too, have had a wonderful experience with you! We will definitely need your photography expertise again in the future!

Thanks. Your crew was great. I have done tons of photo shoots and they were as good as they come.

I just want to say off the bat that this is fantastic. M, Kathryn and yourself are like a power house of Annual Report Experts who have all made my life significantly easier. So thank-you!

For what it’s worth, I don’t think I have ever worked with a photographer who puts more into getting the job done and delivers so consistently. We are really lucky to have you as a creative resource. Thank-you!

It was a great shoot and you were wonderful to work with. I can’t believe you created such an intriguing shot with what you had to work with.

Hi Kathryn “my favourite photographer ever” Hollinrake. Your photos look fantastic! Very impressed.

Absolutely fabulous! They are very, very good. Exactly what I hoped for and more.

I just got a call from C’s Executive Assistant and she was raving about the photo. (I believe she said she teared up when she saw the picture.) She even e-mailed it to C’s husband to take a look.

Look’s great! You are a magician.

Thanks for this and for your very friendly and professional approach - much appreciated.

Thanks very much and it was a pleasure having my photo taken (which is the first time I have ever said that!)

We just downloaded all the candid pictures from the summit and we are totally in awe! This year’s pictures are the best we’ve ever seen. You captured the faces, the energy, the spirit, the expressions, the soul of the summit. The event comes alive. Well done! Your work is very special.

What a tremendous job you did on the photos for CSC!!!! Wow. Finally had a chance to download them (and love your site by the way) - and just bowled over by how you captured the energy and soul of the event in a very creative way - when I scroll through them quickly it’s almost like I’m watching a video - you really nailed the details that set this event apart - Brava Diva! Also loved the portrait shots you did of everyone and hope you continue to get fantastic feedback on those - well deserved indeed.